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The Domiciliary Public Aqueduct service, also called the public drinking water household service. It is the municipal distribution of water for human consumption, including its connection and measurement; Law 142 of 1994 also contemplates within this activity in a complementary way the capture of water and its processing, treatment, storage, conduction and transportation.

The objective of the Aqueduct process is to guarantee the provision of the service in the supply of drinking water, continuously and permanently with efficient maintenance of the network systems in the municipality, in compliance with the guidelines of the Senior Management and current regulations.

Waters of the Páramo de Sonsón operates  and manage  the aqueduct system in the urban area of the Municipality of Sonsón since November 16, 2013, with around 6,101 subscribers currently and in the town of Corregimiento La Danta since December 2, 2013, with a total of 885 subscribers To the date,

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