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We pay  the collection service,  transportation and final disposal of Solid Waste; Besides of  swept,  cleaning,  decoration and beautification of public areas with 100% coverage of the urban area, through rigorous compliance with the characteristics of the service that guarantees user satisfaction.


Said provision of the activities of the  service  Public domiciliary cleaning is under the inspection and surveillance of the State and the regulatory Decrees that regulate it. This is how Decree 2981 of December 2013 regulates the provision of public cleaning service activities.  


We provide the cleaning service in the urban area of the Municipality of Sonsón since November 1, 2014, the populated centers of the townships of La Danta since December 2, 2013, San Miguel since March 1, 2017 and Jerusalem since March 01 May 2017,  In the same way, we are present in the Alto de Sabanas district and the Piedras Blancas village of the La Danta district with the services of collection, transportation and final disposal of waste.

Cleaning Services

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