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The Public Roads Cleaning service  is constituted in order to provide solutions to the problem of solid waste in streets and avenues of Sonsón, carrying out a comprehensive management of them, we meet the needs of  the community sing.

We pay  road cleaning service in the urban area of the Municipality of Sonsón since November 1, 2014, the populated centers of the townships of La Danta since December 2, 2013, San Miguel since March 1, 2017 and Jerusalem since March 01 May 2017,  Similarly, we are present in the Alto de Sabanas district and the Piedras Blancas village of the La Danta district.

Aguas del Páramo has an operational staff of 13 cleaning workers who are in charge of providing the cleaning service of public roads in the city on a daily basis, among their functions are:

  • Sweep of public roads

  • Edge of public roads

  • Cordoneo of public roads

  • Occasional washing of public areas

They are collaborators, full of passion and satisfaction for the work they do every day, they carry out their work supported by respect and a sense of belonging for Sonsón and its citizens.


They are committed to the service and development of the city hand in hand with technology and innovation that seeks to protect the environment and advance everyone. Respect and support them.

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