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The intake, or catchment, is a  hydraulic structure  destined to derive part of the available water from the Sonsón river, at the height of the Chaverras village. The collected water is used for  supply of  drinking water from 100% of the city.

The  intake  consists  of the following parts:

  • Pickup valve

  • Device to measure the levels, upstream and downstream of the control gate  with continuous level meters and transmitters of information to the Drinking Water Treatment Plant (PTAP).

  • A  dump  to fix the section of the watercourse, both planimetrically and in elevation, thus avoiding the migration of the watercourse at that point and its undermining, which could render the intake inoperative.

  • A  channel  of cleaning, provided with gates, to allow the de-draining of the approach to the intake.

  • The intake is completed with a  grid  and a  desander, to prevent the solid transport from settling in the canal, making it difficult to maintain it.

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