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Waters of the Páramo de Sonsón SASESP  It has a sanitary landfill located in the Boquerón village, 5.2 kilometers from the urban area of the city,  in which the final disposition of  Solid waste.

The sanitary landfill is a technique for the final disposal of solid waste on the ground that does not cause annoyances or dangers to public health and safety, nor does it harm the environment during its operation or after it is finished. This technique uses engineering principles to confine waste to as small an area as possible, covering it with layers of soil on a daily basis and compacting it to reduce volume.


The Boquerón Landfill  It has an environmental license granted by Resolution No. 130 of 2013 and the related ones; complying with all environmental parameters, in the construction, operation and closure stages.


In the Sanitary Landfill, the construction is carried out in stages according to the progress of the operation, complying with all the requirements demanded in the Environmental License  granted.

The final disposal process begins in its construction that contains the earthwork, waterproofing or isolation of the land with specialized material that guarantees that there is no contamination of the soil by the leachate of the waste, horizontal filters for the management of leachates and vertical filters for handling gases.

The operating procedure begins with the arrival of the collection vehicle at the Sanitary Landfill, where it is weighed and verified that it actually contains the type of solid waste allowed to be disposed of in the Sanitary Landfill.

Subsequently, an operator directs the collection vehicle down a ramp to the indicated place prepared to deposit the waste.  in addition to making sure again that the waste to be deposited is allowed. Then the vehicle leaves the ramp and the machinery in charge of transporting the waste to the cell ready for the day where the waste is compacted in 0.40 cm layers by the tractor, later these are temporarily covered with specialized synthetic material called geo-membrane which is removed as the operation progresses and then with covering material.

For the control of odors and vectors, liming of exposed residues is carried out once a month, additionally for vector control a fumigation process is carried out in neuralgic points of the same, in order to avoid the proliferation of insects.

Regarding the leachate  the Sanitary Landfill has  a system of internal filters that takes them to a pool and from there to a tributary  in order to fulfill an evapo-perspiration cycle. With this system it is sought that these liquids do not have contact with elements that are in the filling, due to their large amount of polluting components.

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