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We are the company that provides household public services for the aqueduct, sewerage and cleaning, of the municipality of Sonsón, endowed with legal status, administrative and financial autonomy, with one hundred percent (100%) public capital.

We were born on November 6, 2013, when through Agreement No. 17 (amendment of the agreement July 7, 2013) the Honorable Municipal Council, empowers the Municipal Mayor for the creation, constitution and start-up of this company Sonsoneña “AGUAS OF THE PÁRAMO DE SONSÓN SASESP ”.

The idea of creation arose after the close termination of the operation contract of the municipality of Sonsón with CONHYDRA SA ESP, who was the private operator, in charge of the Administration, Operation and maintenance of the Sonsón Aqueduct and Sewerage systems, for 15 years.  The municipality of Sonsón detected the need to manage its own system, acquire higher financial returns and make investments with the purpose of improving the infrastructure for the provision of aqueduct, sewerage and cleaning services. Likewise, in being able to offer optimal home public services in the Danta district, given the recent construction of its aqueduct system.

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