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Law 80 of 1993 : By which the General Contracting Statute of the Public Administration is issued.

Law 142 of 1994 :  By which the regime of home public services is established and other provisions are issued.

Law 1259 of 2008:  By means of which the application of the environmental summons is established in the national territory to the violators of the rules of cleanliness, cleaning and collection of debris; and other provisions are dictated.


Decree 2045 of 2010:  Through which the exercise of the monitoring, follow-up and control activities referred to in Decree 028 of 2008 is regulated for the drinking water and basic sanitation sector and other provisions are issued.

Decree 4715  from 2010:  By which rules are established that add the methodology for the distribution of resources from solidarity contributions in the granting of subsidies for domestic water supply and sewerage services.

Decree 2981  of 2013:  By which the cleaning service is regulated.


Resolution 154 of 2014:  Whereby guidelines are adopted for the formulation of Emergency and Contingency Plans for the management of emergencies associated with the Aqueduct, sewerage and cleaning services.

Resolution 30855  of 2013:  By which the terms and conditions that the domiciliary public service companies must adopt in their advertising are established

Resolution 688 of 2014:  By which the rate methodology is established for people who provide household public services for the aqueduct and sewerage with more than 5,000 subscribers in the urban area.

Resolution 750  from 2016:  For which it is modified to the basic consumption range

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