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The Ministry of Housing, City and Territory


It is the public entity of the national order that, in accordance with the conditions of access and financing of housing, and the provision of public services of drinking water and basic sanitation, is responsible for formulating, adopting, directing, coordinating and executing public policy, plans and projects on urban housing, drinking water and basic sanitation, planned urban and territorial development of the country and the consolidation of the city system, with patterns of efficient and sustainable land use.


Report irregularities to:


Comptroller General of the Republic


The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) is the highest fiscal control body of the State. As such, it has the mission of ensuring the proper use of public resources and goods and contributing to the modernization of the State, through continuous improvement actions in the different public entities.  Law 42 of 1993 Article 4.


It exercises fiscal control in the companies of domiciliary public services with participation of the State. This control is exercised over the contributions and acts or contracts that deal with the actions of the State in its capacity as shareholder.


Report irregularities to:



The Municipal Representation of Sonsón


The Municipal Representation of Sonsón is a control body established in the constitutional legal framework to ensure the public interest and the realization of the social rule of law in the municipality of Sonsón, the efficient and diligent provision of administrative service, support to the community in the exercise and effectiveness of their rights individually and collectively and the exercise of the chair of the magistracy as guardian of the public faith and the recovery of the institutionality.


Have  as functions, among others, those of guarding the holders, the capital titles of companies that operate in smaller municipalities "process and decide the challenges of elections of control members; impose fines on public service companies that violate the Law 142 of 1994, when damages are derived for users; advise users or subscribers who wish to present resources in the matter of domiciliary public services ".


Report irregularities to the  Carrera 8 # 6 -11, Sonsón (Antioquia)  


Commission for the Regulation of Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation CRA


It is a special administrative unit, through which the President of the Republic establishes the general policies of the administration and control of efficiency of home public services entrusted to him by Article 370 of the National Constitution. In other words, regulation commissions have the function of regulating monopolies in the provision of public services and promoting competition.


Report irregularities to: .



The Superintendency of Residential Public Services  SUPERSERVICES


The Superintendency of Domiciliary Public Services, Superservices, is a technical body, created by the 1991 Constitution, which by delegation of the President of the Republic of Colombia, exercises inspection, surveillance and control of entities and companies that provide domiciliary public services.


Report irregularities to:



tax inspection


It is a figure typical of commercial companies, through which the partners or shareholders exercise their right of inspection and surveillance of social activities, on a permanent basis, through a specially qualified person, called a tax auditor.



External Audit of Management and Results


All public service companies are obliged to contract an external audit of management and permanent results with specialized private persons. The external audit works according to both the interests of the company and its partners and the benefit that users actually receive and, consequently, it is obliged to inform the Superintendency of situations that endanger the financial viability of a company, the failures found in internal control and in general, the appraisals of evaluation on the management of the company. In any case, they must also prepare, at least once a year, an evaluation of the management of the provider entity.

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