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The Composting Plant that Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón has SASESP  is a facility intended for the recovery and use  of organic waste  through a biological treatment of the same resulting in a compost or organic fertilizer.

This compost is obtained naturally through the aerobic decomposition (in the presence of oxygen) of the organic fraction of collected urban waste, such as:

  1. Vegetable remains

  2. Leftovers

This biological treatment that decomposes waste is based on the activity of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria in optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygen.


The greatest advantages that composting provides are to offer a valuable destination for organic waste avoiding landfills, greatly reducing urban waste destined for this purpose and producing a quality and natural organic fertilizer.

In our Composting Plant from discarded organic solid waste  for our users we produce subscriptions for the whole community. If you want to obtain this product, come to our offices or to our telephone line (4) 869 1810.

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