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Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón SAS ESP is committed to providing the aqueduct, sewerage, cleaning and complementary services to all its subscribers with quality, coverage and opportunity with a qualified human team, seeking the satisfaction of users, through the continuous improvement, teamwork and optimization of your resources

Waters of the Páramo de Sonsón will strengthen  relations with employees, users, public and private institutions, improving their image and achieving local positioning,  with the final purpose  to subsequently enter the regional market.

The Company will promote citizen participation and social management for the efficient use and saving of water and the integral management of solid waste:


  • Programming educational and cultural campaigns on the proper management of solid waste, drinking water and environmental protection.

  • Motivating the decrease in the production of solid waste and stimulating the recovery, reuse, recycling, transformation of organic and inorganic programs and the commercialization of new products.

Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón will improve public relations  and the organizational communication model,  promoting culture and respect for diversity, the different institutional and corporate actors, helping to position the  image and reputation of the company.

The company will comply with environmental legislation and guide the rational use of natural resources, improving the culture, performance and environmental management of employees, users and the community.

The  The company will always be focused on improving the quality of life of users, avoiding damage or alterations to  third parties and fulfilling their business commitments

The company will continually improve its  economic and social profitability, to ensure its sustainability in the short, medium and long term.

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