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The Sonsón Drinking Water Treatment Plant was inaugurated in 1971 to  a maximum capacity of 120 liters per second, currently used with an average  45 liters per second. With strict quality processes that have earned us the most rigorous certifications, we have 100% potable and treated water for the enjoyment of the entire community, our water can be taken directly from the tap.

The purification process carried out by the technicians of our company  Its objective is to convert water from its natural state to potable, treated and 100% consumable water. This process is complex and expensive, and is carried out in the  water treatment plants  owned by Aguas del Páramo both in the Urban Area and in the La Danta district.


Below are the stages through which the water must pass, with the purpose  to arrive in the right conditions for consumption by all households:

  • Canalization:  Once the water has been captured from the intake, it must be led to the Treatment Plant. To do this, in Sonsón,  uses the adduction system consisting of  transport by gravity  since the intake is at a higher level than the Treatment Plant.

  • Flocculation:  Water has substances or particles that are in suspension. In order for these particles to be removed, they must be subjected to a chemical process called flocculation. In this process, chemical agents, called coagulants, are applied that cause these particles to bind to form "flocs". This agglomeration of particles, being heavier than each individual particle, settles, eliminating turbidity and allowing the water to clarify. 

  • Decantation:  The water is located in a large pool where it remains still, producing the separation of the liquid and the solids.  The latter are deposited in the fund under their own weight.

  • Filtration:  It is the process by which the water is passed through filters, where the few lumps or flocs that have remained are eliminated. The final result of the filtration will be a clearer water, eliminating up to 95% of all the microorganisms present.

  • Chlorination or Disinfection:  It is the process in which microbial agents that may be present in the water are destroyed. Sodium hypochlorite is used for this. This is the last step in the purification of water. 

  • Storage and distribution:  The water treated in the  Plant  of Drinking Water Treatment  It is stored in two tanks of the Company, from where it is distributed by network to the homes of each client. Tank 1 distributes to mesh 1, 2 and 3, tank 2 distributes to mesh 4 which is for the Fatima sector and surroundings.


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