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The Water Treatment Plant  Residuales was inaugurated in May 2018, with the aim of returning water in good condition to the environment for conservation.


The processes required to treat wastewater consist of:

  • Wastewater is taken to a treatment plant  through large-capacity pipes, in which both the water and the waste accumulated in it pass freely to ponds in the treatment plant, where it is stored for the subsequent filtering and decontamination process.

  • The water passes through a series of chambers in which different levels of filtering are carried out, in which smaller and smaller particles are separated, to proceed to a stagnation stage in which through a process that can be aerobic or anaerobic , the sedimentation of the pollutants present in the liquid is carried out, a very important step in the process.

  • The water obtained from these processes is clarified and ready for final treatment.  they eliminate polluting residues present in the water. At the end of these steps, the composition of the water will be reviewed to compare it with that of the tributary in which it will be released, so that it adapts adequately to the environment without affecting its natural state.

Treatment plants require a large amount of specialized equipment  for each of the processes involved in water purification. The construction of suitable chambers and tanks as well as the use of technology that allows the filtering and processing of the liquid is the most important point for the optimal operation of the plant.  sewage treatment.

A specialized team from Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón is in charge 24 hours a day  to control  that each of the plant's work stages is carried out properly and will solve the problems that may arise during the decontamination process.

In our Wastewater Treatment Plant we work tirelessly to maintain the highest quality standards in the wastewater we treat, joining forces so that collateral damage to the community in the surrounding area is as minimal as possible. Mitigating the odor vectors of wastewater with specialized treatments and planting plant material.


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