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The company Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón within its integral solutions for the Sonsoneña community subscribed to the service,  offers  the service of collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of solid waste.

Solid waste is classified as:

  • Organic:  They are those wastes that undergo the natural transformation of decomposition and can be used as compost. Includes food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, pruning waste, etc.

  • Unusable:  They are those elements that, due to their composition and use, cannot be used again and must be disposed of in the sanitary landfill, thus avoiding contamination of the environment. Includes waste such as toilet paper, diapers, cigarette butts, grocery wrappers, etc.

  • Recyclable: These are waste that can be reused and / or reincorporated to other services. With this it is more friendly  with the environment by reducing the residual load  to the landfill and  give more useful life to the elements that we dispose of. Among the recyclable waste we can find paper, cardboard, plastic, scrap metal, newspaper, etc.

Rules for Users:


  • The user must properly separate solid waste (organic, useless, recyclable)

  • Users must use bags to pack waste and avoid possible spillage on public roads.

  • Placing objects such as: glass, rods, cans, among others, in visible places, thus avoiding elements that could injure people or our operators.

  • Do not store organic waste for a long time, because it decomposes.

  • Do not take out the garbage from the day before because they can be damaged by animals.

  • Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón SASESP does not provide hazardous waste collection service. However, if users make personal use of items such as needles and blades, please put them in a plastic container.


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