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Our community work encourages community participation through recreational and training strategies, making known the importance of making efficient use of the aqueduct, sewerage and cleaning services provided by the company Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón, in addition to motivating people to do rational use of water and proper management of solid waste.


It is a strategy that allows the community to know the components that make up the municipal aqueduct system and in turn can show the processes that are carried out to the water for its purification, during this tour doubts and concerns about the quality of the water, the applied tariff march and tips are given to make efficient and rational use of water.


Its main objective is to make known to the community the final disposal of solid waste, the use of some of these and the management and operation that is carried out at the sanitary landfill, in the same way it is disclosed how to make a correct classification of the solid waste generated from the source, finding in this practice the way in which we can contribute to the care and conservation of the environment that surrounds us.


The workshop is a teaching method where the public are active participants, hence the Aguas del Páramo company carries out these with children, youth and adults, making known some of the environmental problems that are experienced and how we can contribute to caring of the planet.

The topics covered within the workshops are:

HAND WASHING WORKSHOP: promote proper hand washing practices that guarantee the community to take care of and preserve health

WORKSHOP EFFICIENT USE AND SAVINGS OF WATER: Make efficient and rational use of water through awareness of the importance of the precious liquid

SEPARATION AT THE SOURCE WORKSHOP: Know how solid waste is classified and what should be the correct final disposal that should be provided to them, favoring the environment.

GLOBAL WARMING WORKSHOP: Publicize the causes for which global warming is generated and the actions we can take to mitigate its impact on the planet.

WORKSHOP LET'S KNOW THE PARAMO AREA: to offer a space where the strengths and benefits that the Sonsón páramo offers to its inhabitants and how we can take care of and preserve this resource are known.

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