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In Aguas del Páramo SASESP  transparency is a  seal of our corporate culture  which is present in all our actions and processes, because being transparent is a responsibility and bastion of each employee of our company  from the role it plays.

During the last years we have managed to show
  through communication channels all the figures and statistics that our company has, also working on  training and socialization programs with  interest groups on issues related to  popular participation and the fight against corruption.

We also formalize the Human Talent Management, Social Responsibility and Human Rights policies, and we adopt the Transparency and Probity Policy in the company.

In Aguas del Páramo SASESP
  We have remained one of the most outstanding Public Service Companies due to our transparency practices.

In compliance with the  Law 1712 of March 6, 2014  Aguas del Páramo SASESP makes the following information available to citizens: 

Official email for notifications 

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