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This Christmas Aguas del Páramo de Sonsón, reward your responsibility with the payment of public services *


By having fully paid your bills during 2018, you could be the winner of a great washing machine. If you are going to pay your bill online, you must deposit the ballot that was placed in your home in our offices.

The draw will take place:

December 21 in the village of La Danta 
December 28 in the urban area of the Municipality

Participating is very easy, the ballots will be delivered with our invoice.  services  and they must be deposited in the respective mailboxes provided in our offices before each draw.

With gifts for your fidelity, we live with you

* Only those customers who have NOT had their service suspended in 2018 will participate. It will be one (1) washing machine for the Urban Area and one (1) for the district of La Danta. For more conditions and restrictions visit our offices.

To pay your bill, click here

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